sketchbook updated: 03.03.14

→ mi smo, 2006 - 2014

dvd, 000359

in spring 2006 i had a 4 month residency in belgrade. during that time, i often visited marko, the son of a friend of my father's. legend relates that in marko's living and working room they used to play poker.. the backyard is the view out of the window!

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→ three roses passed away, 2009

photography (digital), inkjet, 33 x 48 cm

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→ i am i right there?! (quo vadis), 2009

oil paint and graphit on paper, 2 pieces, 120 x 200 cm

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→ this is not a bostich (i bin än bostitsch), 2009

photography (digital), inkjet

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→ without title, studies of innocent bodies and places, 2007 - 2008

graphit and drawing ink on paper, 40 x 60 cm

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→ sunday, 2007

dvd, 000230

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→ without title, (awaken fawls), 2006 - 2007

photography (analog), digital postproduction, 3 pieces, each 60 x 70 cm, inkjet

this work out of three pieces, is the result of a dream out of july 2000. during that time i spent 3 weeks in the toscana and i drawed. these images here were reconstructed later, in 2006.

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→ moon's running out of light, 2006

photography (analog), digital postproduction, 6 pieces, each 21 x 29,7 cm (variable), inkjet

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→ ja sam, 2006

dvd, 000243

in spring 2006 i had a 4 month residency in belgrade. during that time, i took every day a selfportrait with my polaroidcamera. from time to time the camera did not work properly, sometimes there are white polaroids or others with spots.. the polaroid images i had after 4 month, i mounted to a film. on the film is a text spoken, wich you find below.

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text in serbian language:


ja se zovem andreas živkovic. roden sam osmog decembra hiljardu devedsto sedamdeset i pet. ja sam gradanin grada st.galena u švajcarskoj.visok sam metar i osamdeset i dva. težina mi je sedamdeset i pet. boje oci su smedo-zelene.

moj otac se zove ivan, on je sada švajcarac. roden je u beogradu, sa dvadeset i pet je otišo za švajcarsku. u švajcarskoj je moj otac upoznao klaudiju. oni su se zavoleli i vencali. posle pet godine sam se rodio. bio sam treci po redu a cetvoro smo. imam tri sestre. barbara i valerija su starije od mene a vera je najmlada.

kod kuce nismo pricali srbski. za vreme školskog raspusta smo išli zu srbiju i to svake godine, do pocetka rata u bivšoj jugoslaviji. u srbiji imamo familiju. baba i deda su nam pre osam godine umrli.

pošto mi se srbski jezik svida, a neznam ga, došao sam za beograd. ovde sam vec tri meseca, da naucim srbski.

to je to!

kako moj brat od strica stalno kaže

→ sonja and i, 2005

graphit on paper, two pieces, each 100 x 140 cm

sonja had a snowboard accident in the year 2004. she was laying in come during a month with a open cranium. when she woke up, she had to learn everything from zero, starting from reading and writing, the taste of coke to the name of her friends. after her accident, she had to face different problems. a paralysis in her right part of the face, her appearance, contemporaries and her identity. during the time of an operation in her right cheek, we took different photographs. together we choosed one which we blow up to a portrait of 100 x 140 cm. i did the same process with me after, from a photography to the portrait.

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the interview:

an important part of the work consists in different conversations. after finishing the 2 pieces, we made an interview.

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→ without title, a selfportrait (bought new glasses) 2005

graphit on paper, 170 x 200 cm

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→ without title, belgrade 2004

photography (analog), 4 pieces, size variable, inkjet

during an exchange with the fine arts academy in belgrade, I asked pedja, vladimir (from the belgrade academy) and marion (from the fhnw basel) to join me into a dark area apart from our meeting place in the academy. i gave them 3 different lights and asked them to expose themself. the last picture shows me in the same area.

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→ without title, 2003

drawing - performance / paper, graphit, wooden board (120 x 200 cm)

during one week, I questioned people outside of the art - space "schalter" to do a drawing out of them. of all the people which agreed, i did a drawing. i did the drawing with a graphitpen on a board on the floor on witch there have been mounted 120 x 180 cm papers. I only took a look at the people and I just put on paper what I saw, without thinking and without stopping the line. my attention was only focussed on the people. finally, I handed over the drawing to the person which has been drawed.

two examples:

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→ i am i right here?!, 2003

oil paint and graphit on paper, 160 x 180 cm

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→ middle east in deep shit, 2001

oil paint and graphit on paper, 120 x 120 cm

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→ studies, 2001

jaxon on brown paper, 10 pieces, each 40 x 160 cm

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→ sketches, till now - two examples:

whatever on paper, various size

on the way, in front of the television, during lectures, etc. are appearing sketches. mostly, i just draw what I am interested in or a person that catches my attention, without thinking about it, sometimes it happens that I add something. I often draw heads, faces, eyes.

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